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Spielberg's Lincoln

It has been a busy month... so busy that I haven't added anything to this space since Thanksgiving. My apologies to those of you who follow these posts. I will try to be a better blogger (so long as it doesn't interefere with my writing). But the arrival of Spielberg's Lincoln has spurred interest in "all things Lincoln," so I've been out there meeting people, talking about the book, and talking about Abraham Lincoln's passage from lawyer to leader, from the careful Constitutional scholar of the first inaugural to the almost messianic figure of the second, across four years of the Civil War. Fortunately for me, I like doing it. I've enjoyed signings and lectures around Massachusetts, along with appearances in Atlanta, Miami (at the great Miami Book Fair), Gettysburg, and most recently at the Library of Congress. And along the way, many of you have asked me my opinion of the movie, which I saw the first weekend it came out. If you click the link on the right side of this page, you can read a nicely illustrated review that I did for Command Posts, a site devoted to military matters.
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